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Pinot Peter

Pinot Peter has made his debut on the Channel Highway opposite the road to Resolution Vineyard- Sunny Banks Road, Middleton. So far he is very happy there and has already had admirers stop for an quick photo and autograph.
Pinot Peter has been hard at work crushing the Resolution Pinot grapes with his bare feet, having a lot of fun but making quite a mess of it.
Pinot Peter was inspired by our friend and mentor Peter Brown who founded Resolution Vineyard. For those who know Peter you may see a striking resemblance!
A massive Thank you to our family and friends for coming down and helping us create Pinot Peter and to Doug, Peta and Ron for helping us put him up, it was fabulous fun.
Vote 1 Pinot Peter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome 2018

So 2018 is well underway at Resolution Vineyard and we hope everyone had a happy and relaxed Christmas and New Year.

We finished up 2017 with a short getaway across the Channel to Bruny Island and celebrated our first Christmas at Resolution Vineyard commencing with the annual Middleton Fire Brigade lolly run, some cookie cooking, tree gathering and decorating and Christmas lunch with our loved ones on the lawn. It was a glorious day.

Now that 2018 is here we are back to focus on the crop growing before us, it's looking great.


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