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Thomas: "It's like a Jingle Jangle Jungle Mum!!"

It has been two weeks since our last News Update and Thomas now describes the vineyard as a Jingle Jangle Jungle! He's three (3). 

The growth is happening before our eyes.

We have been busy tucking the vines in between the wires that run down each row.  Luckily we tucked into the first row last week.  As you can see from the pictures below they are out of control if not reigned in as they grow.  

The green growth is like a big blanket over the whole hectare now.

More jobs to come over the following months and it's nearly Christmas!


Rows to be tucked into the wires


Rows tucked in

Vines past the top wire

A lovely green blanket

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It is all go at Resolution Vineyard

It's a fabulous sight at Resolution Vineyard after just 5 weeks.

The vineyard has changed from a blanket of brown twigs to a blanket of new green growth. It is exciting to watch the vines grow.  

We have been busy tucking the vines into their first wires, brush cutting, mowing the lawns, admiring the view from the slide and enjoying the weather!

Even our Olive trees are looking promising for a crop this year.  I admit we know little about olives, olive trees or their potential.  However, that is another exciting curve for which we have commenced crawling up.

Below are two pictures comparing now to 5 weeks ago when the buds were starting to burst.

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