2018 Resolution Vineyard Pinot Noir

Posted on April 6, 2019 

Boy and girl go to a vineyard in 2011.

Boy and girl love the pinot noir and the views from the vineyard.

Boy and girl decide to get married at said vineyard in 2012.

Boy and girl help out at said vineyard.

Same boy and girl purchase said vineyard in 2017.

The story is not necessarily that simple but, if we are talking “long

story short”, this is taking that theory to the enth degree.  The ‘said’

vineyard is of course, Resolution Vineyard, situated about 70

kilometres south of Hobart producing only Pinot Noir.  It’s an

idyllic location.  I have been a fan of the wines before the boy,

Daniel, and the girl, Caroline (Lamont), purchased the vineyard. 

With the very talented Alain Rousseau (of Frogmore Creek)

making the wine, it has been a consistent, top quality, pinot noir

for as long as I can remember (I think my first try of the wines was

the 2010 vintage).

Terrific varietal aromas of dark cherries and savoury characteristics.

That may be brief and sound a little simple but buy a bottle, pour a

glass and dive your nose in. You’ll see what I mean.

Taste it and you are greeted with richness, juiciness and plenty of

flavour. Those dark cherries appear here too, black currants stride

alongside, some mid palate plumminess and svelte tannins lead

into a long lingering finish.  This is comes across as a ‘proud as a

peacock’ pinot noir, poncing around showing off its delicate finery

and beauty…and so it should.  It deserves the attention.

Region: Middleton, Tasmania     

Price: $30

(purchase via email: contact@resolutionvineyard.com.au)     

Source: Cellar door purchase…sort of.